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Can You House Training Your Puppy in 5 Days?

 Can You House Training Your Puppy in 5 Days?

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Training Puppy

I recently came across an article entitled "How to Training My Puppy in 5 Days". Since I have trained a few dogs, I thought I would see what this was all about. Turned out it was an ad selling a house training book. Housebreaking a pup takes time and effort, but it isn't rocket science. You don't need an expert. You don't need a special book written by experts. All you need is patience and diligence!

First - you should never take a puppy from his mother until he is eight weeks old. But, extenuating circumstances sometimes require you to take him sooner. Twice I had to take a puppy at only five weeks. Three weeks in puppy years is almost a year in human years. You know how much a human baby changes in one year!

No matter how old your puppy is, you have to get him into a routine. Take him out every two hours - day and night - for at least three days. Then you can cut it down to every two hours during the day and only once or twice during the night. If you live in a cold environment, you will have to paper train first. The idea is the same, but instead of taking him out, you place him on the paper. After only a day or two, he will go to the paper on his own. Of course, he won't always. You will end up with a lot of urine stains. Whatever you do, DO NOT hit him, rub his nose in the mess or yell at him. Just take him to the paper and tell him this is the spot.

Kind words go much farther than harsh words. Your young pup doesn't understand that he did something wrong. He doesn't know right from wrong. This is where patience comes in! Don't lose your temper. He is an innocent animal that does not know any better.

After about three or four days your pup will cry when he needs to 'go'. Of course, he will cry when he is hungry, tired and when he needs a drink. You will have to learn the signs. He will let you know exactly what he wants, but you have to be willing to listen!

If you work and cannot be with your pup during the day, put him in a crate. Dogs don't like to do their business where they sleep. He might urinate, when he can't help it, but a crate cleans up easily. Just make sure to take him out as soon as you get home. No 'just one minute', 'let me change my clothes', nothing like that. You are the world to this pup. You chose him and brought him into your home. If you aren't willing to put his needs first, leave him at the pound or with the breeder. They will find someone who is!

Can you house train a pup in five days? Yes. If you are willing to put in the effort, accept that there might be a few accidents and never yell at him when does mess up, your pup will grow up into the best trained, most lovable pal you ever had!