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Understanding Your Dogs Personality During Basic Dog Training

 Understanding Your Dogs Personality During Basic Dog Training

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Knowing your dog and their personality and behavioral patterns early on will really help individuals succeed in their basic dog training endeavors. Dogs are really a lot like humans in that they, too, have their own personalities. And just like us, they need to be taught in their own way as well in order to really grasp what they are being told.

There are many different personality types and we will go over many of them here in order to help you gain proper footing in order to advance in your basic dog training skills.

Some dogs’ personalities are nothing but loving and they just want to give you their all while many others can be very negative and all they want to do is get away from you or confront you.

Some very common behavioral patterns include growling at strangers, giving up too easily, super hyperactive personality, confrontational to you and guests, in addition to very fearful dogs.

In regards to the fearful dogs, this behavior is usually the result of some sort of abuse in the past and many adopted animals have this sense inside of them. They may also be upset as their family in the past may have left them behind.

A fearful dog can be turned around but your basic dog training skills will have to be directed towards making this dog comfortable with you and ready to help you get what you want from them…and get those rewards!

Easily frightened dogs will require a lot of patience, something that all of us can benefit from. So maybe this type would be good for learning patience in ourselves?

For more aggressive dogs, there will be a lot more difficulty in training these animals, especially if you have adopted them after they have been left behind to a rescue or similar.

In many cases, the owners may have left the dog behind because of the mean and very aggressive behavior after they attacked a child or someone dear to the family. Beware of these types of dogs, unless you need a dog whose job would be that of being a protector of property, which they would gladly assist you in.

One of the most desirable types of dog personalities is the “excited to see you” dog. You know the dog that runs in circles and wags its tail in addition to licking you like crazy. This dog is considered to be very social and a great dog to have for basic dog training. The rewards can be immense for basic dog training sessions with this type of dog.

There are a couple more dog personalities we wanted to mention here and those are the less interested and the high-maintenance or more submissive dog personalities.

These dogs are much more difficult to develop basic dog training skills with as they both may not be that interested in taking part in playful basic dog training activities.

The less-than-interested dog personality would be the better of the two, as this type does not need any pampering or special tender care and will indeed get up to do some basic dog training, but not often.

All dog personalities are not alike and they need to be treated that way as part of your basic dog training.