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Before Starting Basic Dog Training

 Before Starting Basic Dog Training

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Some of the first things we as humans should understand are that basic dog training is not a simple process. There are simple basic dog training techniques but we have to understand that dogs see the world from a far different perspective than us and are stimulated by certain colors, smells and more.

Basic dog training normally requires at least 20-30 minutes per day to start and can get lengthier as one progresses into more advanced dog training.

It is usually best to start basic dog training at an early age for the dog as it is important to establish yourself as the more dominant of the two so that the dog will listen during basic dog training. You have to remember that dogs are not nomadic, but they are “pack-animals” and naturally see hierarchy in their relationships.

The important thing to remember before starting your basic dog training, you will have to make sure the dog knows you are the dominant one. And this all usually depends on what the dogs own personality is like.

The dog’s attitude has a lot to do with their breed and personality combined in many cases.
There are many basic dog training tools which can easily be purchased in order to assist with the basic dog training process such as collars and leashes.

Overall, basic dog training requires patience. One thing to remember is to not get too overbearing on the dog through physical assertiveness all the time even though it may require that you do in some cases.

One more popular way to display your dominance over the dog in a more non-aggressive manner during basic dog training is to place the dog on their back and try to gently hold them down until they let go and submit. Reinforce this behavior by placing your face close to theirs. They will know you are the dominant one.

After one has displayed their dominance it is a good idea to use the leash as a way to keep the dog from running off and going “crazy” playing all over the place during training.
The leash will further reinforce your dominance.

Remember that it is indeed always important to allow your dogs to play, but not during training or their school hours.

When making up verbal commands in basic dog training, be sure to use one-worded commands with a clear, confident voice. Two-worded commands can begin to sound the same to the dog and they may not remember them nearly as well as the single worded commands. Remember to be patient and do not show them your anger. Keep dominance in their head, but remain a good leader.