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Training A Dog Not To Aggresively Bite

 Training A Dog Not To Aggresively Bite

training a dog who bites

When training a puppy not to aggresively bite, you will need to figure out what category of biting your dog fits into.  There are different reasons dogs and puppies will bite.

Some puppies bite as their teeth are just coming in and they need to chew or bite on something because their mouth needs stimulation.  The teething stage for a puppy dog will not last very long, however, and they will grow out of that after a short time, especially if they are provided with lots of toys to play with.

Usually puppies play with the litter mates and sometimes will bite another puppy.  If that happens the puppy will yelp.  If your puppy was not with the litter long enough to be trained not to be a biter during his or her playtime with other pups, he or she will bite you.  Here are some things to do:

1.  If you are bitten by your puppy, let out a yelp and place it in it’s crate for just a few minutes.

2.  Give a short, light tap right on it’s nose and say no bite!

3.  Use a little spray bottle with water and give the pup a little spray.

Always have lots of toys that are okay to bite on.  Don’t ever give a puppy a toy that looks like a person’s hand or feet, including shoe toys.

Don’t play a game of tug of war with your dog or wrestle with your puppy as a way to play with him or her.