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Puppy Dog Training Tips

 Puppy Dog Training Tips

Puppy  Training

If you have a puppy or adult dog and are looking to train your pup yourself, this website has some very important information for you.  There are some very important facts and myths about dog training and what we hope to do here is to give you some of the facts needed to get started to train your dog the right way.

From the basics to the advanced, there are some great books and training manuals out there as well as dog training videos and even dog training ebooks that you can purchase online.  We will provide some links to the recommended dog training ebooks as well as some other recommended resources.

Some of the most important factors to consider about dog training include:

* Providing a safe and appropriate set of boundaries for your dog to adhere to.

* To be able to have control of your dog in any situation that may occur.

* Building a strong owner-dog relationship based upon trust and mutual respect.

* To have happy and well-adjusted dogs that are adequately socialized.

* There should be no harsh and/or cruel training methods used.

For the puppy owner, first of all, congratulations on your new puppy!  No doubt you are the very proud owner of your newest and most beloved little canine companion.

Naturally, the very first thing on the agenda is house training.  Puppies generally need to eliminate 4 or 5 times a day and you must begin training them right from the start in order to establish a routine.

House training is not that difficult and it can be very easy with the right approach.  The first thing you will need is a crate.  You will need to get a dog crate that is the right size for your little puppy and something big enough so that they can grow into it.  Although it is big enough for them to grow into, it should still be small enough that they won’t find a small corner of the crate to relieve him or herself on.

As long as you don’t confine the dog in the crate too many hours in a row without trips outside or around the house to play, the dog will adjust to life in the crate just fine.  It should be a nice balance between time in the crate and time out of it.

Aside from the potty training and house training, you will need to let your puppy dog know what you want from them from the start.  Establish yourself as the sort of “pack leader” and give firm and forceful commands, but temper them with patience.

It can be a bit of a challenge, but patience goes a long way as this takes some time.

Generally speaking, when it comes to biting, almost all puppies nip and nibble.  In the wild, a dog has it’s teeth for the most important tools as they lack fingers and thumbs with which to grasp things.  They explore much of their world with their nose, tongue and teeth.  When they bite, you need to let them know when it is not appropriate by saying NO or OW loudly enough so that they pay attention.  If they alternately lick and are gentle, then you can say GOOD or NICE.  Always use a pleasing or pleasant tone of voice when giving praise and a firm tone of voice when they nip too hard.

After all, they are just babies and puppies and they don’t really know right from wrong yet and are sort of testing the limits naturally.  They need you to carefully and gently guide them into understanding what is okay and what is not okay.

Dog leash training is another critical step in the training process, allowing you to have control over your dog in public.  As with all else, positive reinforcement is much more powerful than negative reinforcement and should always be used when training your dog.

Some factors in dog training have to be breed specific.  Many dog breeds have characteristics that are specific to their breed and some can be used to your advantage and some can work against you, such as in some of the herding dogs.

There are a lot of viewpoints and a lot of professionals that have a lot of good tips and advice when it comes to dog and puppy training and we will share as much information as we have available with you, dear readers.

Thanks for visiting this site and come back often as there will be new material updated regularly.