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There Are Training Of Army Dogs, Poisoned After Retirement

 There Are Training Of Army Dogs, Poisoned After Retirement

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Army Dogs serve the country in such a manner as a soldier. But they are kept alive until it is a work. After retirement, they are poisoned and poisoned. However, the central government is in an effort to create a policy under which they will not be killed after retirement.

Why is Army Dog killed after retirement ...

After retirement in the military, the practice of killing a dog is going on since the British era. When a dog is ill or not able to do duty for more than a month, it is poisoned by poison. Prior to this, it is felicitated with respect. Two logic is given to kill the dog.

- They have knowledge of army's base locations. Along with that, it also keeps secret informers. If it is handed over to the general public, it can be dangerous for security.

- If this dog is assigned to an Animal Welfare Society or a private hand, then he can not afford the dog that he has found in the military. Dogs are given special facilities in the military.