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How to teach dog to identify names of the members of the house?

 How to teach dog to identify names of the members of the house?

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We all know that dogs understand their names very well. Tommy, Tiger, Boozo ... whatever names they call, they respond immediately. But do you know that your dog also recognizes the names of your family members? Not only dogs, dogs are very well aware of who is big in the house, who is small. Maybe you are not sure, but this is true and we have also experienced it.

Based on my experiences in the first issue of the article, I told you how to teach your dog your language. Here in this series we will tell you how to identify the name of your family members to your dog.

As you start the upbringing of the dog from the very first day you name it, similarly repeat the name of the members of the house. If there are five members in your house, whenever you take him to a person, tell him, "Let's sit down with the custom or go to abhi ..." Initially, the dog will not respond, but once again, Take this same thing and tell it to the person concerned.

It would be good if you do this at lunchtime. Keep a food for the household member who is to be known, and then tell him repeatedly, go and eat with Abhi ... if you get food, you will take the name of the person repeatedly, in the dog's mind The name will sit. And at one time it will come when you will ask him in some corner of the house, "Go to Tommy Go Abhi and call Abhi ...."Then he will go immediately, the dog will reach Abhi, then you will have to understand his signals. By doing this regularly, your dog will start recognizing the names of the members of the house.

Here we would like to tell you that dogs understand the order of seniority very well in the household members. If you want to try it, then ask a small member in the house to say something to the dog, if he is alone, he will definitely, but if a big house is stopped by him then he will stop immediately. Even then, no matter how small efforts, the dog will consider the big story at that time. The little big here is not just the height, but we are talking about big people in the age.