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Small Dog Training

 Small Dog Training

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Dogs are one of the most smart creatures and can grasp new things quickly if they get a chance.Small dog training secrets are the best way to make your dog behave correctly.  One thing that should be kept in mind with the small dog training strategies is that one shouldn’t yell, curse or punish the dog without any reasons as the dogs may retreat due to it.  Treating the dog like your own kid can help dog learn the small dog training strategies faster.

Following the rules of small dog training will also prevent the owner from doing the things that could harm his relationship with the dog. There are certain rules in dog house training that must be followed including the following:

You can then use that knowledge of small dog training in the comfort and convenience of your own home. There are several benefits to doing this, some more obvious than others.

First off it is much, much cheaper to purchase an e-book and train your dog on your own than it is to pay a professional dog trainer. The e-book will cost you around $40 while the trainer can cost you hundreds of dollars.

An additional benefit of small dog training online is that you and your dog are most comfortable at home. Both of you will be much more relaxed which will make the small dog training process not only more enjoyable but more effective. Your home is where your dog will be and where you want his new behavior to be exhibited. So teaching the behavior in that environment is best.

Say you are asking your dog to sit. When the command is given, make sure both of you follow through with it. Do not tug on the collar of your dog and stop halfway and be distracted. Always finish one command first then move on to the next.

Down command is also an important part of the small dog training strategies.  Again be consistent with pressing till the time it sits flat on its legs.  Holding it in this position for thirty seconds with the repeated down command can be of major help.Small dog training systems also teach the dog to sit.  The owner can start by pressing the dog’s back side and giving the command to sit.

A small dog training manual by a professional dog trainer will offer step-by-step instructions on how to teach your dog to do whatever it is you want him to do. If you have a dog who barks more than you like, a good small dog training manual will be able to teach you how to modify your dogs behavior. Perhaps you are interested in teaching your dog to follow commands; this should be included as well.

In small dog training many owners are anxious to let their dogs hear a string of praises or be rewarded with several cookies instead of one whenever a command is accomplished. On the other hand, a lot of owners give too many punishments on a single wrong thing that the dog did instead of punishing him just once. Both may affect the training of the dog.