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 Dogs and Babies

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Typically, well socialized dogs will do great in a home with babies or small children.  However, some breeds are notorious for not handling children well.  Even some older dogs will become impatient and while meaning harm, might bite if bothered by crying or strange movements.  Therefore, if you have a baby in the home or are thinking about becoming pregnant, you need to approach the dog buying process carefully.

Unfortunately, we have all seen television news about a baby who lost its life to the bit or smothering of a dog.  Again, it might not have been intended but regardless, the child died.  You want to do everything to ensure this would never happen.  Start by choosing the breeds that do extremely well with babies and toddlers and then we suggest you get a puppy, one that can be socialized and trained, as well as raised with the child.

One of the best breeds for people with babies or toddlers in the home is the Labrador.  This large dog is a gentle animal, one that will love and protect the child, never doing harm.  The Labrador can be sat on, pulled, tugged, pinched, and seldom would you get a negative reaction.  As a very patient and affectionate breed, we would recommend the Labrador without hesitation.  The only consideration is that the Lab is a larger dog so he will need to be taught obedience to ensure he never jumps up on the baby or child, causing accidental harm.

Golden Retrievers are another excellent breed that works great with babies and toddlers.  Like the Labrador, this is a larger breed, but one that has exceptional qualities.  The Golden Retriever is slightly smaller than the Lab but would still need to learn the basic obedience lessons.  However, this breed is loving, playful, patient, and would never do anything to harm a baby or toddler.

Then, you might consider a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  Most people think the Bull Terrier is a Pit Bull, which is not the case.  This particular breed is cute, smaller than the Golden Retriever, and excellent with babies and younger children.  Contrary to popular believe, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is not aggressive whatsoever.  When trained properly and socialized young, you will be amazed at how loving, loyal, and obedient this particular breed is.

No matter the breed chosen for a home with babies, it is important that the introduction be made slowly and with supervision.  After all, babies are foreign to dogs.  They have unique smells, make quirky movements, and cry.  These things are not common to dogs so there needs to be some time for bonding.  Although you would likely do well on your own, you could always ask for the assistance of a professional trainer initially.

The initial meeting will tell you a lot as to how well the dog and baby will mix.  Now, if you notice any odd or aggressive behavior, you need to pay attention.  Most often, this initial response is something that can be controlled through proper training.  However, in rare cases, it would be necessary to find a good home for the dog.  Although this might have been the first baby in the house and a tough decision, your child must come first.