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Know, how is the training of dog squads?

 Know, how is the training of dog squads?

training of dog squads
dog squads

Dogs involved in the investigation of the explosives or in the crime scene in the crime scene, who are involved in the crime scene, have to undergo heavy tests of stringent training.

In order to scrutinize a dog, millions of rupees are spent by the government. Nine months of long and hard training is given. The dog is worn in such a way that it will be passed in every exam. After this, it is allocated for the district.

In the past, there was a lot of controversy over the checking of a police officer's pet dog at the station. The reality is that dogs are bought from the Hyderabad market to join the Dog Squad.

The team of the CID officer goes shopping and looking after the dog breed It is also taken care that her age should not exceed one year. After this, the dog is sent to the training center of Madhya Pradesh's Gwalior or Panchkula of Punjab.

After this he is prepared with nine months of training. After this, they are allocated to the districts. They are kept in training in districts for nearly a year.