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Dog Training Part 1: How To Teach Dogs Your Language?

 Dog Training Part 1: How To Teach Dogs Your Language?

teach dogs your language
dog commands in different languages

Tommy will you eat food, Tommy Let's give you a shower, Tommy hands, Tommy sit down, Tommy stand up, Tommy go up, go to Tommy Priya, Call Tommy Priya ... Do you ever ask such a question to your dog Done? Of course, but if the dog responds in response to these things, all your sayings agree, and if not, then now will agree. In this article I will not give information from a researcher or trainer, I will tell the same thing which I learned while teaching my Tommy to my language.

We know that the animals are unskilled, they can not speak our language, but can understand, they can not answer your questions, but once you say you can definitely say that they also have no gesture. If you want you to not have any gesture and your dog understands your point, then this article can prove to be very helpful for you. If your dog is still small, then this is the right time to teach your language.

1. Eating- If you want to remember the names of different types of food to the dog, then whenever you give it food, ask him- Tommy will drink milk, wait for two minutes and then place a cup of milk in front of him. Likewise, eat Tommy bread, eat Tommy chicken, eat Tommy Mutton ... Keep in mind, if you deceive him, he will never learn your language. That is, when you give milk, keep the cup of milk in front of him every time, say the chicken, then give chicken ... Try doing that while the dog is looking at you, because these animals can also express your facial expressions as well Understand.

2. Shower- Whenever you go to shower the dog, talk to him- Tommy let's drink ... repeatedly repeat the same word and then pour water on it. On repeated occasions, he will understand that the word "bath" means the bath. And one day it will come that when someone else says the same words to him, then he will feel tangled. It is not because your dog does not want to give someone else the right to take care of him, but because he is afraid of water, and he does not walk in front of you since childhood.

3. Action- Standing, sitting, getting up, going to go .... These are all actions, which are generally known and understood by all Paltu dogs, but most dogs do not agree to say until you have the gesture do. But if you want to speak with your mouth- Tommy should sit down and sit down, then he will have to use his habit from his childhood. You talk to him since his childhood. If you said - Tommy sat down, if he does not sit then hold it tight, stand up. If you do not stand up, raise your head, likewise tell him about the various rooms of the house, garden, terrace, etc. .

If you want to teach him a drawing room, tell him to go to the Tommy drawing room, obviously, he will not go to the first time, then take him yourself. Similarly, your dog will begin to understand the words of the drawing room, bedroom, hall, terrace, kitchen, garden, outside, inside, etc., and in a few days, you will do the same when you say it once.