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Dog Training Barking What Types Of Dog Training Barking Collars Are Available For In Home Dog Training

 Dog Training Barking What Types Of Dog Training Barking Collars Are Available For In Home Dog Training

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Dog Training Barking 

The behavior dog training market has grown substantially in recent years as more and more pet owners get involved with in home dog training.  There are many anti-bark collars to choose from on the market today. The variety of this type of dog training barking collar is very extensive.  Although you can find anti-bark collars for all all kinds of size, weight, age and even shape of dog, we'll discuss some of the main types that are currently available. 

Dog Training Barking Collar - Spray Type 

One type of dog training barking collar for behavior dog training is the spray type.  When initiated or triggered, an unusual chemical spray causes the dog to immediately pay attention and interrupts their barking.  The spray causes slight discomfort on many levels, but does not harm the dog.  

It affects all the senses of the dog (sight, smell, hearing and feeling) and is strong enough to break the dog's excessive barking pattern.  Citronella is commonly used in these sprays due to it's strong and unusual smell to the dog.  It is harmless, but it is very effective as part of an in homedog training plan to stop barking. 


Behavior Dog Training For Barking Using The Static Shock Type Collar

Another type of dog training barking collar is the electric static shock type. It is triggered by either the sound of his barking or the vibration from the bark.  It is another very effective and safe way to retrain your pet's barking outbursts. 

The good aspect of this type of dog training bark collar is that it can continue more corrective electronic signals to the dog if it continues to bark.  The dog quickly learns to think before barking.  The dog will actually learn to like being quiet since there are no negative corrective actions when quiet.  

Using The Sonic Type Dog Training Barking Collar For In Home Dog Training 

Another type of dog training for barking collar that is commonly used in behavior dog training is the sonic high frequency collar.  These collars emit an ultra-high frequency sound that most humans cannot hear but a dog does hear quite easily.  It is very unpleasant to a dog and inevitably stops the barking as the dog associates discomfort with his barking. 

This may or may not be your best bet for your in home dog training program as some owners and trainers have reported that a small minority of dogs actually get used to the high frequency sound and stop being deterred from barking after a period of time.  

There are some brands and models of this sonic frequency type collar that are lower pitched and may be slightly audible to humans, but still effective in curbing a dog's unwanted and excessive barking.  These are frequently used for in home dog training programs for barking.  The advantage with the higher pitched sound is that it is almost completely out of the range of the human ears capacity, so that your dog gets the message without everyone around also having to participate in the correction measures. 

There are also sonic devices available from various manufacturers that can work remotely and do not have to be attached to the dog's collar.  

Keep Your In Home Dog Training Program Safe 

One word of caution.  Check first with your veterinarian before using any dog training barking collars with puppies under six months or any dog suffering from anxiety problems.  

It is important that your in home dog training program uses only safe practices for any unusual situations.  Learning behavior dog training methods for your in home dog training program can be a fun experience for you and your dog.  Learn and implement positive, effective and humane behavior dog training techniques and you will see great improvement and satisfaction in your relationship with your dog.