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Electronic Dog Training Collar Is An Effective Type Of Dog Training Equipment

Electronic Dog Training Collar Is An Effective Type Of Dog Training Equipment

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 Using An Electronic Dog Training Collar Requires a Responsible Own

An important and effective type of dog training equipment is an electronic dog training collar that is used to create small static electric shocks on dogs that are being trained.  Electronic dog training collars are useful dog training equipment that do no harm your pet when used responsibly.  

Electronic training aids can be used by anyone, even rowdy dogs can be walked when using these devices.  Electronic devices work this way: when a dog does something wrong, it receives a mild electronic correction.

Electronic collars should not be used by novice.  Electronic dog training collars eliminate undesirable habits and correct problem behaviors quickly and humanely.  Electronic dog training collars teach avoidance of life-threatening situations such as traffic, snakes, and off limits areas.  

It's placed around the dog's neck in place of a standard collar.  The owner or trainer of the dog has a transmitter that can remotely send signals to the electronicdog training collar.  The transmitter in the hands of the owner or trainer has a button which the individual can push in order to send small electric shocks to the dog via electrodes implanted on the electronicdog training collar.  

Three Types Of Electronic Dog Training Collars 

There are three general types of electronic dog training collars.  There's a manual collar that needs a person to press a button to activate the electrodes.  

Another type is a collar that is automatically activated when the dog barks.

And then there's another type of electronic dog training collar that activates itself when it comes close to the perimeter where the dog is not allowed to cross.  Each of these three types of dog training equipment can get very good training results.  

Use of Electronic Dog Training Collars Must Be Monitored 

One issue of using an electronic dog training collar to control and correct your dog's behavior is that there have been times when the collar randomly discharges electronic shocks on the dog even without it doing anything wrong.  This can undo the good that the collars have done and may confuse the dog especially if it is just resting and not doing any training. 

If this situation occurs when the dog is wearing an electronic dog training collar to stop excessive barking and to monitor the dog's perimeter, this will be very confusing to the dog.  This issue can be solved easily by taking the electronic dog training collar off when training is not in session.

Another possible situation of using electronic dog training collars is that the owner of trainer may not be able to fully control the emission and send out a shock that is too long or too intense that it can harm the dog.  

Some dogs who can tolerate smaller electric shocks may need bigger and longer electric shocks which must be monitored carefully to prevent over doing it.  We must always remember that the goal is never to hurt the dog, we are just looking to correct unwanted behavior.  

The dog might also eventually figure out that the collars are the cause of its discomfort and become unruly when the collar is off or may even refuse to have the collar out on.  Regression may also occur when the dog has figured out that the shocks come from the collar and behave only when the collar is on it. 

Pay Attention to All Types of Dog Training Equipment 

Always be careful when fitting your dog for any type of dog training collar. Using a dog training collar can cause lesions which stem from using overly snug and poor fitting collars.  

The lesions are not from the electric shocks but from the snugness of the collar which is necessary for the electrodes to come in contact with the dog's skin.  

There are potential risks of using electronic dog training collars and proper diligence must be employed by the owner or trainer.  With proper training and patience owners can achieve outstanding results in a relatively short period of time using an electronic dog training collar.  But as with all training, use of an electronic dog training collar requires an owner that pays attention and is committed to a positive training experience with their dog. 

All dog training equipment and tools must be used in a responsible way. Electronic dog training collars are a favorite type of dog training equipment for trainers, breeders and sportsmen.  Dog training can be made easier with responsible use of electronic dog training collars.