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Basic Training Your Puppy - In Only Four Weeks

 Basic Training Your Puppy - In Only Four Weeks

During your puppy's first week home (he should be around 8 weeks old), it's important to take him for a vet check up. Here both Worm treatment and preventive inoculations are given. Begin teaching your puppy his name from day one. Set up his eating area as well as his crate or sleeping quarters.

Begin the process of housebreaking by taking the dog outside regularly - especially after feeding and as soon as the dog wakes from a snooze. A Doggy Door is an essential item in toilet training dogs that are inside dogs - it enables the pup to go outside whenever it needs. This tool will singlehandedly make toilet training a breeze we have had 4 week old puppies almost 100% toilet trained.

Watch the pup while he plays by himself and observe his style and personality. Play gently and enthusiastically but avoid roughhousing. Start now to train the dog only to eat when you say OK, controlling this aspect starts a basis for your authority. Correct gently for biting and for chewing on shoes, cords, and furniture etc.

Week Two:

As you play with your puppy, gradually add simple phrases and words into the games. If he is retrieving, say Fetch as you throw the object. Praise him when he brings the object back to you. Say Give as he drops it and praise him again.

Week Three:

Continue gentle correction for biting and for chewing on shoes, cords, and furniture. Provide a toy for him to chew instead. Even if he stays inside the house, be sure to walk him around on his leash everyday. Always use eye contact. Say the dogs name to draw his attention to your eyes. Praise him for looking at you. This method teaches him to look to you for direction. Begin to tie his leash to your belt and have him trail around wherever you go; starting for a few minutes at a time, working up to an hour as it becomes easier. This will help him bond to you and will also help with his training.

Continue teaching table manners, Wait and OK for food and also initiate the Sit (pushing gently on the dogs rump) and Stay (move off a distance) - working for no more than five minutes at a time this week. If you are at home most of the time, make sure that you leave him alone for short periods of time during the day to get him used to being alone. Begin to correct the stealing of food and found objects - keeping in mind that prevention is your best correction. Correct excessive barking, noise, and whining.

Week Four:

Carry on with all of the above training, adding more walking on leash. Continue practicing Wait and OK with food. Allow the pup to explore the house under supervision, both on and off the leash. Initiate the Come and Drop to the training program. Work with your puppy no more than fifteen minutes at a time. If he is going out, you may start teaching him to Heel to your left side but do it very gently. Get him used to grooming procedures such as brushing, nail clipping, and occasional baths.

Congratulations You and your puppy have now completed Basic Training