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6 Dog Training Myths

 6 Dog Training Myths

Dog Training

6 Dog Training Myths

There is quit a bit of things about dog training on the internet these days. While most of this stuff is good, there is a lot of stuff that simply isn’t true.  I want to set the record straight about the biggest dog training myths.

1. Only use positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a great tool for training a dog. But sometimes you need to step in and let your dog know that certain behavior is not going to be tolerated. If you do not use a certain amount of negative reinforcement, your dog may not ever know that certain behavior is even bad.

2. Never use food as a reward

Food rewards used the right way can be one of the most effective ways to positively train a dog. You do have to use them at the right time and in the proper situation. Yes food works to train your dog.

3. Lot's of time and practice is all you need

Dog training has a wrong way and a right way. If you are spending a load of time training your dog the wrong way, all the time you put into it will be wasted. Time and practice means nothing if it is bad training. Good training can take just a few minutes.

4. Old dogs can't learn new tricks

Dogs, no matter the age, are always eager to learn something new. While it is better to train a dog right the first time. Dogs, at any age, really want to learn and do new things.

5. You must take your dog to obedience class.

It has been shown that obedience class is really not that effective in getting a well behaved dog. Sure, your dog will learn how to sit and maybe walk in a circle. But, for the most part he will not learn the important things, and it is a gigantic waste of time and money. Investing in yourself as a dog trainer is far more effective and less expensive and less time consuming.

6. Good Dog Training is Exspensive

Dog training does not have to be expensive. The very best dog training I have ever come across, is cheap enough for anyone to afford. And if you teach yourself how to train you dog, you will have a skill that you can utilize for the rest of your life. No matter how many dogs you have you will be able to train them.

Dog training can be a very fun and enjoyable experience. But trying to train your dog without the knowledge of how to do it can be very frustrating thing. Doggy Dan’s website has the most thorough dog training examples I have ever seen. It gives you the knowledge to train any dog, the right way, the first time. It really is not just about training your dog, it is more of an investment in yourself, and an investment in all the dogs you plan to own in the future.