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Love Your Pet – Obedience Training For Dogs

  Love Your Pet – Obedience Training For Dogs

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Obedience Training Dogs

Dog is the man’s best friend. In some cases, that is not true. As much you would like to have a dog as a pet, but if your dog doesn’t follow your commands you let go of your dog. Especially if they have to go to the toilet (potty) is always the major problem. A lot of dog owners find it a nuisance if their dog doesn’t know their toilet manners. Most of these owners have to have their pet undergo the obedience training for dogs’ course to avoid such problem.

Most dog owners would like to have their dogs toilet trained first and foremost. Since their call of nature can’t be perceived by anyone. Especially if your pet is young, they do it often in a day. Toilet training is difficult and would take time for your young dog. You have to be consistent in your training to make it easier and faster for your dog.

Choose a particular part of the house where it would be your dog’s area. Put newspaper on this area and his food, water, dog toys, and bed. Make it known to him that this is his area. Whenever you leave the house make sure he is confined in his area. This way he would know that this is her toilet area.

When you are in the house, you can bring him outside and let him choose a spot where he can do it. The every hour or so bring him out to let him do his thing. This would train him to hold on to his bladder and wait for you. Your love and care would make it easier and faster for him to learn. Obedience training for dogs takes a lot of effort and time is consistent to succeed in your goal.

Slowly he would learn that it is forbidden in the other area of the house except for the spot where the newspaper is. Gradually remove the newspaper on that area. Make sure that when you remove, let’s say one or two of the newspaper, that it’s enough for your dog’s potty.

Scolding him, shouting or punishing your dog for his wrongdoings is not advisable. This would make him confused and hurt. This would slow down your training. Let him feel you love and care for him and this would surely make it faster.  One part of the obedience training for dogs is following orders or directions. In this training you would also be training your dog “simple tricks”. These simple tricks are simply following your commands.

Shouting or punishing your dog will not help for his obedience training. Soon you would see the result if you are consistent with your obedience training for dogs. If you are consistent it would be a routine and your dog would learn fast and easy. Just keep in mind you dog loves to please!