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Dog Training Tips for Shih Tzu to Accept the Collar and Lead

  Dog Training Tips for Shih Tzu to Accept the Collar and Lead

tips on training a shih tzu puppy
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If you have a Shih Tzu, it is important that you know one of the most important dog training tips which is how to teach a dog accept a collar and a lead. Even if your dog is the best trained dog in the neighborhood you should not take him outside of your property without secured collar and lead. Your dog may be well-trained to go off the lead, but accidents and distractions can happen. A dog collar with your dog’s ID will be a guarantee that you can get your little friend back.

Note: There is actually no difference between a “lead” and a “leash.” According to a research the difference in use is only based on geographical location. Americans use the word leash while Europeans use the word lead. And, there is no other proper form of protection you should have with your dog outdoor than to use this tool. It is also advisable to train your pet on the lead while young.

You can teach your puppy on your own to accept a collar and a lead. But first he must learn to accept the collar on. Choose the collar that best fits your puppy. Take the measure of his neck to get a collar that will fit accordingly. Place it on and allow him to get the feel. It is but natural if he tries to pull the collar off, whine, or roll over once introduced to a collar. He will eventually get used to it, don’t worry.

All you have to do is ignore your puppy. Never punish him for this temporary resistance. Instead, distract him with interesting toys to play with, or some treats, or play with him to make him forget that he is wearing a strange tool on his neck. After he learns to accept the collar, you can put the lead. Hook it on and sit peacefully while you watch him. You must first try this within a confined area if you are not inside the house. You just allow him to drag the lead as he moves around, but see to it that he does not get snagged, stuck, or entangled on anything.

Once your Shih Tzu puppy has learned how to be comfortable walking around with the lead, that is the time for you to pick up the end and simply follow him around but do not try to control him with the lead. Avoid pulling because it will cause strain on him and will make it a bad experience enough to hate wearing it.  Instead of pulling him toward you, you can encourage him to come forward toward you. If he follows give him lavish praise or hug, treat, or a toy. The key is to make the lead training as pleasant as possible.

Your pet needs a lot of practice to get familiar with walking on a lead. When he is already comfortable you can start going outside, until he can walk confidently with it. It’s so nice to display your cute stuff walking elegantly in the neighborhood pathways and introduce him to friends; at the same time giving him a great experience of how wonderful to be out there walking proudly on a lead with his pack leader whom he trusts.

These are dog training tips about for your Shih Tzu puppy on accepting the collar and the lead. When you use them correctly, lead does not only protect your dog from getting hurt but it will also foster a better bond between you and your hairy, lovable, and huggable little companion.