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The Method of Clicker Training for Shih Tzu

 The Method of Clicker Training for Shih Tzu

clicker training shih tzu
what is clicker training for a dog

Shih Tzu Dog

Clicker Training is a method of training a dog wherein a treat or reward is given after click. It is a simple but efficient way of Shih Tzu dog training on how to follow basic instructions. You can master clicker training easily and make your dog learn anything the easy way.

What is a clicker and how does it work?

A clicker is simply a small gadget composed of a metal strip inside a plastic box. You just need to press it to make a sharp sound which can be heard by a dog from a distance of more than 20 yards.

A Shih Tzu learns the positive effects of a clicker…that is getting a treat after a job well done. That’s why you have to get ready with your dog’s favorite treats as soon as the Shih Tzu dog training begins.

The Shih Tzu does not listen to the clicker at the beginning of the training. The way to do it is to tell the dog that he did a good job and reward him for that immediately following a click. A command given at this stage may be difficult for the dog to pick up.

Shih Tzu Training Tips Using Clicker

To start your Shih Tzu’s clicker training, follow these 3 simple steps.

Shih Tzu Dog

Get the Shih Tzu behavior such as sitting, rolling, etc. by making it follow your verbal command. Then after performing what you wanted, sound the clicker immediately to mark it as a good job and reward it with a treat.

A Shih Tzu remembers what behavior it was after 2 or 3 marks. The clicker dog training is effective in such a way that a dog can respond immediately anticipating that a reward is waiting and remembers it easily than a word command.

The Shih Tzu gets used to the behavior and the reward, but you must continue to make the Shih Tzu behavior stronger without giving treats all the time. Showing appreciation and patting the dog can take the place of treats.

Shifting from Clicker to Command

You can shift from clicker dog training (after your Shih Tzu has learned the behavior well) to command training. Just say the command before you click and follow it with a reward. The dog learns how to connect all three very quickly.

After a good clicker training your Shih Tzu can respond to verbal command; praise the dog and give some patting on the head and body as reward and the dog quickly learns. Eventually, the dog will learn without the need for treats and praise but is more aware that when he obeys, it makes both of you happy.

Shih Tzu training tips using clicker training is very simple and effective in many ways. It also allows a total hands-off training (but of course you need to give the treats). It means you don’t need to hold the dog’s body to teach the tricks which usually makes the learning process slow. By using the sharp clicking sounds of the clicker you can mark a dog’s behavior and see how well it works for your dog and how simple it is for you to use.