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Shih Tzu Training Tips

 Shih Tzu Training Tips

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There are many good Shih Tzu training tips, what you need to know is where and how to begin.  Study what your dog needs to learn, what you want from him and how to administer the training. You are in the wrong turn if you think that your Shih Tzu is that smart to understand what you want him to learn. The truth is he simply responds to your words, signs and commands because he needs to belong and wants your acceptance. Your dog will always be an animal; which might be an aggressive Shih Tzu.

Your Shih Tzu is born (in fact all dogs) with certain instincts which are similar to all those in his breed. We can simply describe animal instinct as unlearned or reactions or urges. Therefore if your dog is showing some unpleasant manners, your harsh words, screaming and strong facial expression won’t do anything good.

4   Important Shih Tzu Dog Training Tips
Here are some simple tips that every responsible dog owner should know when training your four-legged friend. Your Shih Tzu dog training process will be a lot easier if you check these important tips.

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Crate Training – The crate serves as the house of your Shih Tzu to confine him and avoid accidents in the house when you arenot around to watch over him. It is not used to punish a dog for a bad behavior. You can spend a few minutes with your Shih Tzu in the crate to get him used to it. The crate is an effective solution to anxiety and can make housebreaking a lot easier.

Leash Training – The first thing you must know why a dog pulls on the leash is because you follow. It doesn’t matter if he gets chocked as long as he gets what he wants. That is a dog’s behavior where he gets a reward that is moving forward to where it pleases him. You can make him sit and wait until you allow him to walk again. After a few of this boring sittings he’ll learn to walk without pulling because he can associate that pulling will stop his most anticipated walk in the park.

Obedience Training – One of the best Shih Tzu dog training tips is acquired from obedience training. The first concern here is to teach the dog owner to hold on his position as the leader of the pack (or master of the house), how to show control over the dog and give firm commands. Obedience training is applicable to a new Shih Tzu puppy or when you’re having a hard time with your older dog.

The Alpha Position – It simply means that your dog must learn that you are the master. If your dog steals food from your hand he has no respect for you and therefore does not consider at you as the leader. It is not the problem of your Shih Tzu but it isyour task to teach your cute furry friend. If your dog doesn’t know his place in the pack it can sometimes cause aggressive behaviors. A dog who knows you are there to protect him is a happy dog.
You Need to be Consistent

If you want to build a good training foundation, you need to be consistent in giving commands. A Shih Tzu is a smart

dog but generally dogs learn from repeated and consistent training methods. If you have an aggressive Shih Tzu and you only make him sit when there is a visitor, chances are, he will not follow and get confused. The more time you spend with your Shih Tzu in a leader of the pack manner the easier for him to realize that you are the boss.