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Stopping Dog Aggression

 Stopping Dog Aggression

stopping dog aggression towards other dogs
stop dog aggression towards strangers

 Stopping Dog Aggression

There is always a reason for aggressive behavior in dogs. If you can discover the reason for the aggression, you can usually correct or at least control a dog’s aggression.

Some breeds of dogs have gotten a really bad reputation of late; pit bulls, rottweilers, and chows, for example. Some breeds are even forbidden in certain communities. This is just sad. Aggressive dogs are MADE and not born. All puppies come into this world completely innocent. They are like blank slates that have yet to be written upon, and they become products of their environment and training, or lack thereof.

There are many breeds of dogs. There are large breed dogs and small breed dogs; long hair dog breeds and short hair dog breeds; but there are simply not aggressive breeds and nonaggressive breeds.

Dog aggression is caused by health issues, environment issues, or training issues. There are, of course, several subheadings under all of these causes for dog aggression.

If you see that your dog is aggressive or is becoming aggressive, the very first thing to do is to take him to see his veterinarian. The vet will examine the dog to see if he has any health issues that are causing him pain or discomfort.

If the dog doesn’t have any underlying health issues that are causing his aggressiveness, the next thing to consider is his environment. Is the dog being walked with a gentle lead? Does the dog have a crate that he calls home? An environment that the dog considers unsafe or uncomfortable will often be the cause of his aggressive behavior.

If the dog is healthy and if his environment is good, the next thing to consider is the structure of his pack. You see, dogs are pack animals. They need and expect order. You may have inadvertently put the dog in charge. He thinks that he is the alpha dog and as such is responsible for the pack (the family). Aggression caused by a dog’s belief that he is the alpha dog can be easily changed by simply providing obedience training and convincing him that he is NOT the responsible party.