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Dog Obedience Training Will Enhance Bonding

 Dog Obedience Training Will Enhance Bonding

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Dogs are often known as man’s best friend. This is especially true if you have noticed the bomb sniffing dogs that are often used to thwart any terrorist attacks. Thanks to dog obedience training for adding even more value to an already valuable best friend. In many areas of the world these dogs are used to check the bags of every passenger prior to boarding a commercial airline and luxury liner or passenger buses. Some are so well trained that they can even detect the most concealed contraband.

Dog obedience training is not just limited to anti-terrorism. Some have an even more profound duty. There are trained dogs which are used as guides to blind people. There are dogs trained for hunting and to do other types of work that eases man’s burdens. Others are used to guard the house or the yard. There are even some wilder versions of a guard dog who are commonly called the “junk yard dog.” They are used to watch over the metal scrap in a junk yard. These dogs will definitely accost you if they find you wandering around in their territory.

To build a stronger bond is the primary reason why you should consider dog obedience training for your pet. It would certainly be much easier if your dog could understand you. You train your dog so that you will instill a feeling of trust and cooperation with a more defined sense of responsibility. Have you ever imagined having a dog that brings you your flip flops as soon as you remove your shoes when you get home? Isn’t it nice to see your newspaper already brought to you when you wake up in the morning? These are just simple wonders that you can actually train your dog to do.

One of the best dogs to train is the Labrador retriever. They are hardworking and strong. These dogs are not as aggressive toward people compared to some other breeds and are one of the easiest breeds to train. These dogs are often misunderstood to be too rowdy. It is just that their affection is so intense that they will often jump on you to express it. Think about a 25-30 kilogram animal jumping on you and you will start to understand the value of good training.

Your dog should be treated like family. Gone are the days when dogs were treated with cruelty. Your dog’s loyalty to you cannot be questioned. There are even stories that a dog would submit to his master even unto death.

In your quest for a happy relationship with your dog, the best answer is still you. Training your dog will not work well if you don’t have the discipline to continue the training and understand your dog.