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All About Dogs Competitive Obedience Training

All About Dogs Competitive Obedience Training

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Obedience Training

All About Dogs offers private obedience lessons for the competitive handler. All About Dogs is owned and operated by Chris Elliott. Chris offers lessons at her training facility in Sanford, NC.

Obedience Training

Chris Elliott has been training dogs since 1988. She teaches all levels of dog obedience for those who are interested in competitive obedience. Chris uses a balanced training approach, applying motivational techniques to get the best from your dog. Chris has worked with all breeds of dogs and currently trains her own Border Collies and Mastiff.

All About Dogs News

Nicki Camerra and Faith complete their OTCH

Nicki and OTCH Rapideye Leap of Faith PT UDX "Faith" completed the requirements for their OTCH in Salisbury, MD on July 24th, 2011. Faith is just 3 years old. Faith finished her OTCh by going High Combined on the Saturday and then .winning the large Utility B class on Sunday. Congratulations!

"In addition to teaching and refining individual obedience exercises, Chris is very good at transferring training performance into ring performance. She has taught us all about ring preparation and ring management so that we show our best as a team. Our scores have gone up significantly and have stayed there since we began training with Chris.

These same philosophies when applied at home have made my dog a much better-behaved companion. I can now take him for walks in public without constant pulling and he doesn't have to be constantly monitored to stay out of mischief." ...Don and his .Lowchen Jay