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What Is The Difference Between Crate Training and House Training?

  What Is The Difference Between Crate Training and House Training? 

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Crate Training and Paper Training are not the same thing.  They differ in training methods and objectives.   

Crate training utilizes a mini-kennel, i.e.- crate, which many times is a cardboard box, with the objective that your pet will relieve himself only outside.  Paper training, commonly facilitated by newspapers, provides an indoor toilet area for your pet and training to reinforce the idea that this is his only toilet area. 

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Your pet cannot be trained to do both at the same time.  They have two entirely different goals and necessitate two different training methods.  Trying to do both at the same time will only confuse your puppy and make your job much harder.  House training is something completely different from instinct and what nature intended. Nature trained puppies to eliminate as needed, whenever, wherever they happen to be.   House training completely changes and contradicts what nature instilled in your puppy.  You're giving him a whole new set of rules.

Some trainers suggest you can use paper training as an intermediary step for an eventual outside elimination.  My suggestion is not to use this practice.  Stick to one or the other.  Think of your job. How many times has someone told you to do something a specific way, and then abruptly changed procedures,  expecting you to understand and adopt those changes immediately - only to change again.   It's no different for him. 

Which Method Is Best?

Countless puppies have been successfully house trained with crate training or paper training methods.  Either one will work; it depends solely on your needs and circumstances. 

If your emphasis is on speed, then trainers and vets tend to agree that crate training is the quickest method for house training your puppy.  However, you must also be aware that it requires a much greater investment of effort and significantly more time on your part.  Is this an option for you?