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Professional Dog Trainers – Pros and Cons


 Professional Dog Trainers – Pros and Cons

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Many people prefer to hire a professional dog trainer for one reason or another. It could be that the owner does not have the appropriate amount of time to dedicate to training, perhaps the person does not feel confident in training, or it might be that the type of training needed is specialized, such as search and rescue, service, drug sniffing, and so on.  As with anything, hiring a professional dog trainer comes with pros and cons, as you will see in this article.

For starters, we will talk about the positive aspects of hiring a professional trainer.   These people are highly trained and educated to understand the way in which different dog breeds think, feel, and respond.  With this, they can tell if more firmness is needed, if the dog needs a different training technique, or if there will be challenges.  With this, your dog will also be more comfortable, connecting with the trainer.  This person will provide persistent training that is perfectly safe for your dog.

With a professional trainer, you will want to make sure you choose a reputable person, someone who uses only positive reinforcement, not harsh training techniques.  Another advantage is having the choice of having the trainer come to your home or you taking your dog to the trainer.  Although you would have some input, many trainers will tell you what they prefer, but of course, being willing to work the situation that will benefit you most.

The negative aspects of hiring a professional dog trainer start with cost. Typically, this endeavor is not a cheap one.  Although some are more affordable than others are, most great trainers will cost.  However, in exchange for the fee, you are getting a well-behaved dog in return.  Then, you have to make the time to meet schedules for training.  Whether the trainer comes to you or you go to the trainer, you will have to be somewhat flexible or at least willing to meet the appointment times.

Then, you might run into a case where you take your dog to the professional trainer only to find that he does not respond well.  In this case, it could be from the animal being stressed, a misconnection between trainer and dog, or some other reason.  Therefore, before paying any trainer, make sure there is some type of guarantee so you are not out a lot of money for an untrained dog.

In most cases, professional dog training is an excellent idea.  You will find that you can take your dog out in public without worrying about him running off, jumping up on people, or simply misbehaving.  At home, your dog will be more relaxed and you will be in better control.