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Professional Dog Obedience Training

 Professional Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training Classes
Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training Classes

Dogs are very nice pets to have. They are considered man’s best friend. Having a dog can be a lot of fun. Dogs can be a source of personal protection or for the security of the home. Dogs can be playful especially young dogs. They run everywhere, chew things and can make a mess of a very nice and tidy place. If you have a dog that isn’t obedient, you could use some tips from a professional dog obedience training instructor.

A dog that is not obedient can be a headache. Not only will they mess up everything but they may also cause damages. As a dog owner, you want your dog to be disciplined, to behave and follow orders. Here are a few tips to have your dog behave properly.

Types of Dog Training Methods

Reward Training

Reward training is used to teach the dog by offering treat of its favorate food or toy as a reward for good behavior. Professional dog obedience training use the method frequently; the reward needs to be given immidiately after so that it can be associated with the positive action. It should also be accompanied with a happy high speech voice. For it to be successful, the reward training needs to be consistent.

Clicker Training

Some people find clicler training anoying as it involves rewarding the dog for having done something good. They associate the training as spoiling the animal. The dog will only be doing something good with the expectation of a reward. Clicker training involves making a clicking sound whenever you reward the dog for good behavior. The dog will come to understand the clicking sound as being associated with having done something good. Clickers as well as reward training are positive reinforcement methods which make the dog acknowledge good behavior and understand bad behavior which is associated with repulsion and no reward

Dog Whispering

Dog whispering was engineered by Cesar Millan and involves understanding the body gesture of your dog. You can, by using your own body language, communicate what you want to the dog.

Professional dog obedience training methods are various. The most modern as describe above is positive reinforcement which offers treats for positive behavior. The traditional method of training involves correction methods instead of rewards.  The method mimics how mother dogs correct their young for bad behavior. The emphasis is on having the dog obey their owner and avoid correction.

Dominance-based correction method is a method of asserting dominance in the manner that wolf packs behave when it comes to the alpha male. Such method teaches the dog by refusing to allow bad behavior and have the dog obey by having it walk next to the owner or eat after the owner has eaten.

Tools Used for Training your Dog

Dog training methods use various tools. Clicker is a plastic box with a metal inside that makes a clicking sound.  It is a tool for positive reinforcement training. Collars, choke chains, metal prong, head collar or shock collar are more tools associated with the traditional method of training. They are less frequently used as a professional dog obedience training method due to the effectiveness of positive reinforcement.

TheKong is another tool for positive reinforcement. It teaches the dog to settle when you are not at home. TheKong is shaped like a beehive. By placing a treat inside theKong, the dog will associate the tool with having a delicious treat.

Teaching your dog to behave is essential especially if you have a well organized house and do not want to see thing all over the place all the times. If your dog obeys your command, it is much easier when taking a walk or when visitors come to the house. Professional dog obedience training is an efficient method of teaching your dog to behave.