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 Husky Training

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Dog Training

The huskies are a race of dogs that were only a few years used along the north to pull the sled. Several dogs were used in this type of race to facilitate travel in areas with cold and snow. Nowadays the husky are already used as pets. The most common type of husky to have as a pet is the Siberian husky.

W Siberian Husky Husky Training The females of this type of breed can weigh usually between 16 and 23 kg and reach a height between 51 and 56 cm. Males weigh 20 to 27 kilograms and have a height between 53 and 60 cm. The husky has an average life expectancy from 12 to 15 years.

The husky is known to have a great resemblance to a wolf, and also by virtue of having one eye of each color.

The huskies are known for being good family pets, but this breed of dog needs an owner who is very patient and dedicated to his dog. The husky needs an owner who has patience and wants to be with him and train him. These dogs tend to assume the role of primary leader, but the owner has to counter these trends because otherwise you will never be able to control your dog.

Husky Training

Of course having a dog or even a little dog with a few years is a joy for the whole family. Siberian Husky Training But who ever had a dog knows that is not all fun. Having a dog is to assume a responsible role, you must want to educate him and treat him well.

The sooner you start training your husky better. While the Husky is small and does not have its well-defined personality that training becomes easier, when a husky is a few years old then he already has a defined personality and this makes the dog want to go up against the owner to show that he is the boss.

When we train our dog we need to devise a list of things that we want to teach. After choosing one or two items from the list we need to teach him and make sure he learns well, only then we choose another item from the list. For example if you want to teach your husky not to chew the furniture, not to climb the table and not to the needs at home, so must first teach him to not chew the furniture and not to climb the table, when he learns to do these two things we teach the other item. Teaching many different tasks at once can confuse the dog, which makes the learning process much more difficult, and it most certainly does not learn anything.

Remember that you must have patience with your dog when doing husky training, but if you have patience for sure it will be rewarded.

Dogs need to have property that belongs to them. Having a place where they sleep, have their own toys. This helps to show the husky what is his and what is not. For example if we are walking a husky and he goes for a walk ahead of us we have to counter it. The husky has to go or beside us or behind us, never before us. And the reason is very simple, if it goes ahead it is going to show the way, when that happens he thinks that he is in command and this cannot happen, because if that happens the husky starts to not respect us.

It takes patience to train a husky but in the end our effort is certainly rewarded.