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Remote Dog Training Collars


 Remote Dog Training Collars

Dog Training Collars
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 Remote Dog Training Collars

There are an assortment of remote dog training collars on the market. The remote dog collar will be typically activated via a hand held device held by the person training the dog. In the case of a dog spray collar once the remote unit is activated it results in a burst of spray, usually of water, citronella, lemon or air.

It seems there may also be some remote dog training collars units which are available which may have a selection of seperate or combination settings including vibration, spray, ultrasonic signal and also shock. The shock settings (where included) it seems may not necessarily have to be used on the unit even if they are included, but you would need to clarify that for yourself beforehand, whether or not that it is the case if you plan on purchasing one of those types of remote dog collar units. It might also be that at times some remote dog collars are described as dog shock collars in item listings but may actually be vibration collars or even ultrasonic collars, again one would need to clarify those sorts of details before buying. If in any doubt you should be sure to check before hand that the specifications and suitability of any unit meets yours and your dogs requirements.

In the case of a remote dog spray collar the idea behind it seems to be for the spray to act as a distracting surprise to your dog instead of an unpleasant feeling, to interrupt the dog momentairily from what he or she is doing so that the dog once again can be receptive to your dog training techniques and commands. We have read that dogs make better and quicker progress when they are being trained by reward rather than punishment, and that a remote dog spray collar can interrupt the bad behaviour instead of punishing it.