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 Martingale Dog Collars

Not all dogs are created equal.  Some are big and fat, some are small and skinny.  Many have heavy coats while some have barely any fur at all.  Some have big heads and tiny bodies and some breeds have small heads and thick muscular necks.

All of these physical characteristics can play part in influencing your decision of what dog collar is best for you and your canine.  While your dog’s collar and leash can be a fashion statement, it is best to put function before fashion for the safety’s sake.

These special collars are designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind.  If a collar is too loose, it will slip off over your dog’s head.  If it is too tight, it will cause discomfort or even physical harm with tension.  The cool thing about Martingales is that there is some give and slack designed into the collar.

You have anywhere from 2-5 inches of slack, depending on the size of the collar and dog.  But since the collar isn’t just a circle, the slack doesn’t cause the collar to hang loose.  The slack is built in thanks to a special way of working the material through D-rings so that when you pull on the d-ring where the leash attaches, the slack is allowed to be utilized equally from both sides of the collar.

This allows a much more natural and even tightening of the collar around the neck.  This type of collar slips over the dog’s head then tightens around the neck meaning there is no buckle to catch fur or dig into the neck.

 Martingales are most popular with greyhounds, but are a great choice for any dog with a small head and thick neck such as dobermans, whippets and Italian greyhounds, as well as other sighthounds.

Martingale dog collars are also available in a WIDE array of materials, color, custom designs, and sizes with many offering personalized options.

Most are made of nylon like a standard dog collar due to it’s strength and cheapness.  Though nylon can fray when it is old, it takes a very long time for these collars to deteriorate.

There are a combination of nylon and chain collars which look very nice.  The chain section is at the top of the neck so the dog won’t feel it.

Leather martingale collars are also available. These are very nice looking and add touch of class and style to your dog.  The new rage in dog collar material is hemp.

Hemp is more eco-friendly since it is grown in the ground and not a man made synthetic like nylon.  There are no plastics to sit around in landfills after you throw it in the trash or harsh chemicals used in the manufacturing process.  It is also easy to customize hemp collars with color and designs which also helps make them popular.

If you are concerned about the safety and comfort of your dog, then certainly consider a martingale, especially if your pooch has a small head and a thick neck like a greyhound.