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Know All About Dog Obedience Training


 Know All About Dog Obedience Training

Obedience Training
Dog Training

Dog obedience training does not always mean that you would just be training your dog to be obedient to you, it means more than that. The obedience training for dogs should also include making them familiar with the basic commands such as run, sit, catch, stay, come, heel and many more. Most of the dog owners use two types of procedures for training their dogs, they are- negative enforcement or positive enforcement. Negative enforcement dog obedience training includes using electric shocks, choke collars and other negative things to make a dog obedient whereas the positive enforcement training includes trying to make the dog obedient by rewarding him for following or understanding a command.

Through the negative enforcement training, fear is breed in the pet so that the dog is terrified of people. This type of dog obedience training might work in for a while but in the long run, there is no assurance that the dog would actually learn anything as the negative treatment would make the dog more violent and have impulsive behavior. Therefore, for best results, it is necessary that one uses positive enforcement dog obedience training to make the dog obedient. The positive attitude helps to create bond with the pet and the pet owner. Also, dogs are able to know what they did right and what was unexpected of them because of the reward system that is used in training. The rewards for positive dog obedience training includes food, verbal praise, pets and so forth.

Dog obedience training schedule

Create training schedules and maintain the time. Make sure that you train your dog everyday according to the schedule. It is a really good idea to arrange dog obedience training before meal time as this would make your pet motivated and spirited to learn new things quickly. However, make sure to keep the training periods short as they tend to lose focus a lot. This would help to keep your canine friend more attentive. Also, do not attempt to punish your pet for wrong behavior. You can yell at him to make him understand that he was a bad boy, but do not beat your pet. As this sort of punishment might do more harm than good to your training. It is because punishments invoke fear in your pet that can make him destructive. Some of the dogs need longer time to catch up with the training so you need to be patient.