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Dog Training Techniques


 Dog Training Techniques

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I have set this website up because I want to help anyone who has a dog and is looking for ways to improve either dog behavior or learn dog training techniques. Inside you'll find numerous of dog training techniques as well as dog behavior solutions so that you and your dog can get a better relationship. Let's get started!

Dog Training Tips

Dogs and training go hand in hand, and actually it is important if you want to incorporate humans and animals together in human socieClick Here to visit Secrets to Dog Trainingty. Just as we are trained in proper manners of society so are our animal friends. Want to be a proud owner and train your dog yourself? Here are some useful tips

Dogs Have Feelings Too

The most important thing to know in dog training is getting to know your dog. Dogs have personalities and emotions just like we do. So get to know your dog and his quirks. In doing this when you start training you can adjust the training to suite your pets personality. There are a lot of dog training techniques out there, but they all will not work on every dog. Every dog is different not only in breed but in personality too.


Yes communicate. You may think that your dog is just a dog and therefore may not understand but that is not the case. Communicate clearly to your dog, what you expect of him and he will understand his place and duty.

Pick Right Training Guide

Know what you want to train your dog in. If you just got a puppy then you would want house training, or special puppy training. If your dog has some behavior problems you then would want behavior training. Dog doesn’t listen? Answer obedience training. Do you want to teach your dog to respond to clicker? Would you want to look into clicker training? While it is best to use these dog training techniques while your dog are young you can train a dog in any age of its life and you should keep in mind that you never know when a behavioral problem may rise up that needs dog training to solve.

Set Your Rules and Hold Firm

This is a hard thing for some dog owners to do so that is why they go outside to train their dogs. If you want to train your dog yourself though then this is something you must do. They look to you as the leader and they are in service to you. Set your rules and boundaries and teach them to your dog. Do not let them do whatever they are doing one day then say no they cannot do that the next day. Keep firm with the no they are not to chew on the shoe. It may take a while for this connection of trust to be built between you and your dog but it's well worth it.

Find the Trigger

If you are doing behavioral training you may want to see if you can find what triggers your dog into doing whatever bad behavior that your dog does. Does your dog do this bad behavior when you leave the house? Let's say your dog goes into the bathroom and rips all the toilet paper off the role. Then you know your dog may have separation problems and then you should probably incorporate crate training to stop the toilet paper attacks. You can establish the crate as a safe place to be till you get back.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

This is another thing you should do when you are training your dog. Dogs and animals in general are very perceptive and pick up on emotions. Your state of emotion can highly affect how your dog responds to your dog training techniques.