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Dog Obedience Training For Beginners

Dog Obedience Training For Beginners

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Obedience Training

 Dog Obedience Training

Serious pet owners are always looking for ways to enhance the lives of their pets. They know that one of the most important steps to take in taking care of a dog is dog obedience training. This is the first step to teaching your pet how to respond to your verbal cues and commands. Building a trusting relationship between a dog and his master is essential.

Behavior training involves many different techniques that dogs will learn to respond and conform to. For instance, teaching your dog how to sit, come and stop are all simple behavior commands that each pet needs to learn, not only for their safety and well-being, but for the saftey of the master also.

Before a dog earns the title of police K-9, he or she must go through a series of obedience and behavior trainings. Blind lead dogs must also go through extensive training before they become certifiable blind guides.  Some pet owners choose send their dog to a school of obedience. Here the pet learns everything there is to know about how to respond to words, sounds, body language and leash tugging.

But, you can do dog obedience training yourself as well.

Dogs need training on how not to act impulsively. Acts of biting, chewing, jumping and barking uncontrollably are sure signs that dogs need proper training. Most owners feel that they are the best candidate to train their dog, and most of them are. However, they have no idea where to begin or how to get started.

That’s what we hope to help you with.

There are various types of plans for owners to search through and choose from. The majority of programs use negative re-enforcements to correct bad behavior; this type of behavior training is not acceptable.  Negative or bad treatment toward a pet should never be a part of any training process.

Dogs can learn to listen and follow oral command with positive re-enforcements. When the pet does a command correctly, reward them. Dog obedience training is more than just giving out commands; it includes strengthening other areas of your dog’s life as well. It helps them to concentrate mentally on which command is being actively given, it enhances their observation, as they must remember what each hand gesture or body gesture means, and it helps them to stay physically active.

Dog Obedience Training Tips

Some tips to remember when giving out instructions to your pets are to always be consistent. If your dog is to know what each command means, do not change the way you are teaching it. Dogs respond better to instant feedback when they have done something appropriate or not. Never respond to your pet in a negative or harsh manner that will make their attitudes aggressive and their behavior unpredictable. It is also important not to incorporate long training sessions, as the dog may get tired and not perform so well. They do not have long attention spans.

We’re here to help you get started down the right path with your dog obedience training, so please feel free to browse our other articles and resources on the left hand side.