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Potty Training Your Puppy the Easy Way


 Potty Training Your Puppy the Easy Way

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When you bring home a new puppy, your life is full of excitement. After all, you have a new bundle of joy to cuddle and spoil. Once the headiness wears off, you realize that you have some serious business to take care of: potty training.

Don’t let the thought of potty training your new puppy intimidate or overwhelm you. When you follow the right steps, potty training your puppy doesn’t have to be difficult. While some puppies will take longer than others to catch on, all can learn from the same style of teaching.

Follow these tips to have your puppy going potty outside reliably as soon as possible!

1. Timing

Puppies are fairly reliable creatures. What goes in must come out. Your puppy will typically need to urinate or defecate within 10 minutes of eating or drinking. You have a much shorter window of time if your puppy has just woken up or you have just come home from work or an outing.

2. Leash Training

Put your puppy on a leash when you take it outside to go potty. Pick a spot in the yard and go to that spot each time. Quietly tell your puppy to “go potty” and wait. Give your puppy five minutes to go. If nothing has happened, go back into the house and follow the next tip.

3. No Potty, No Play

If your puppy doesn’t potty outside, put it in its crate. Wait for five minutes and try again. Your puppy should not get any freedom in the house until it has gone potty outside. And when it comes to play: Play should always be separated from potty. If you want to play with your puppy outside after it has gone potty, go back inside, wait five minutes and then go outside to play.

4. Avoid Potty Pads

Avoid potty pads unless there is no choice. While potty pads are convenient for humans, they do nothing to train your puppy to potty outside. In fact, allowing your puppy to potty on a pad in the kitchen is essentially the same as giving it permission to potty in the house. Imagine how confusing that is for your puppy!

5. Praise Never Punish

Praise your puppy for going potty outside. Never punish your puppy for going potty inside. If you see your puppy begin to urinate or defecate in the house, use a phrase like “eh-eh,” scoop it up, and head outside. If your puppy does potty in the house, clean it up with an enzymatic cleaner and go about your day. Punishing your puppy will only cause it to find a hiding place to eliminate.

Puppy potty training is really not difficult, it just takes time. Speaking of time: Don’t forget to take your puppy outside at least every two hours, whether it has eaten or drank or not. By keeping a consistent schedule, your puppy will soon begin to understand what you expect of it. Consistency and patience are going to be your best friends during the potty training process. When you get frustrated, just remember: Puppy will get it eventually!