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 STOP Dog Whining

Why Is My Dog Whining
How to Stop Whining in Dogs

A whining dog is annoying and in most cases, there is no valid reason for his behavior.  If you have a dog that whines, the quicker you can get a handle on the situation the better.  Although you have a number of options to try, one in particular works quite well.  The first step is to determine the reason or reasons your dog is whining.  In most cases, this sound is produced out of disappointment, fear, or loneliness.  However, whining could also be an indication that your dog is sick or injured.

Therefore, start by ruling out any sickness or injury and if everything else if fine, you will need to pinpoint the reason.  Now, if your dog has never been a whiner before and starts, consider anything that had changed recently.  For instance, if you had just moved into a new house, brought a baby home, or even purchased another pet, you could see your dog reacting with whining.  On the other hand, if your dog has always been a whiner, you will still need to find out why.

If you suspect that your dog is feeling afraid, consider getting him a kennel with a comfortable blanket placed inside so he can have a personal refuge.  If you find your dog is whining for attention, then be sure to schedule time for him, playing and cuddling.  In the case of your dog being bored, then consider buying him toys that would help with entertainment would be a good solution.

However, if everything has been considered and you cannot find a reason for the whining, it may be necessary to have your dog attend obedience training specific to the whining behavior.  Most importantly, make sure you do not yell at or punish your dog when he whines, which will likely make it worse.  I

By working with a professional trainer, you will see quick results.  You could also do the training yourself and still see results although it may take a little longer.  For starters, if you believe your dog is whining for attention, and you have added some play and cuddle time in the daily routine but it does not seem to help, you will need to let your dog know that you will not run to his every whim.  Sometimes, just not paying attention to the whining will make him realize that it is no longer working.

If the whining continues for several minutes, then you need to use a firm voice and tell him, “no whining.”  The point here is to break his concentration.  If he stops great but if not, tell him again to stop whining.  You may need to repeat this for several minutes before getting any relief.  The bottom line is that you will need to try paying attention to some degree and ignoring the whining to see which way your dog reacts best.  Again, if you have tried various things but the whining continues, a professional trainer or dog therapist can help.