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Why Dog Obedience Training?

 Why Dog Obedience Training?

Obedience Training?
 Dog Training

Many people have problem in giving their canine friend obedience training. In order to help those persons, some tips on how to train your dog has been discussed in here. The very first thing to remember is that negative enforcement training such as punishing the dog using choke collars or giving them electric shocks, hitting, etc. would not help you to make your dog obedient. This type of training method might seem to work at first but you would later on find that your pet has become rather violent and ferocious as all those punishments have made him really unstable and violent. Therefore, always opt for the positive methods in your dog obedience training. Use words of praise, petting, food etc. as rewards if he learns new tricks or listens to your command.

It is also better if you can create a training schedule for your canine friend. Always maintain the schedule and train your dog according to that schedule every day. It is best if you allot the training time before your doggy’s meal time as it would encourage it to learn faster. Also, remember to keep your dog obedience training sessions short as our canine friends usually tend to lose their concentration if the training sessions stretch over five minutes. You can try for the leash training. You can make it learn how to be calm while having a leash around. This is also a part of dog obedience training.

‘Alpha dog’ dog obedience training method

You can also try the ‘alpha dog’ dog obedience training method. This method requires you to make your pet learn that you are the alpha of its pack and that it needs to hear to your commands. This would allow you to help them follow your training without any hassle once it learns that you are the leader. You can also try for crate training method. In this procedure, it is taught in dogs that their crates are their own den. Dogs should not feel like it that the crate is used to punish them. You can also make your dog learn to listen to your command through different kinds of noises or signs that you make through your dog obedience training method. This might help it to understand when you want them to catch something, when you want them to come towards you, to run, to sit etc. The dog obedience training works best for puppies as they are always eager to explore and learn new things. However, it is, in some sense, also harder as puppies are super hyper and they have harder time to focus.