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When To Start Training Your Puppy

 When To Start Training Your Puppy

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The most appropriate time when to start training your puppy is at its early age. A puppy should begin training as soon as it’s introduced to a home. Delaying the training of a puppy usually leads to the puppy having less opportunities to learn. At their young age, is when a puppy develops behaviors and patterns that are carried into adult life, so it’s very important that training starts as soon as possible so that the behavior that is carried into adult life is appropriate.

Starting behavior training

In order to learn how to train the dog into having an appropriate behavior, one should understand the natural behavior of a dog. When a dog starts behavior training it helps prevent bad habits like chewing on things around the house and running around. Early training will eventually make the dog grow into a mature dog with very good behavior.

Starting obedience training

The owner or a dog trainer should be involved frequently in training a puppy to be obedient. The training sessions should be interactive and also involve rewards. This makes the puppy to be more interested in the training and doing the right thing. Repetition of these training sessions will eventually make the dog be obedient naturally because what it’s taught becomes a routine.

Time and material to start training

A puppy should be trained almost daily, this training session should take about twenty minutes and the time can be spread out through the day. Continuous training will eventually yield fruits. When starting training, their certain materials that are necessary for a successful training session; a collar and leash are very necessary training equipment as they help with activities such as walking the dog. There is also need for treats that are used whenever the dog does what is right; these treats helps in making the dog more interested in performing better in the sessions.

Most puppies are very active and a lot of times may be distracted. To prevent distractions when conducting a training session for a puppy, one should do the training session in a quiet area with minimal disturbance. The training sessions can also begin before the puppy eats so that it can easily be enticed by the dog treats leading to it doing what is required. The use of the collar and leash in training is also important as it can be used to add control to the puppy in order to achieve the required or desired behavior.