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Dog Agility Training Equipment

 Dog Agility Training Equipment

Dog Agility Training Equipment

Agility equipments are very important in dog agility training programs. Practicing always with these equipments can give many benefits to dogs that are about to join Dog Agility. With a comprehensive line of agility equipments you can impose obedience and obstacle familiarization. Thus, training a dog does not only improves your dog’s agility but also gives entertainment and joy to you and your family might as well.

Examples of agility equipments are: A-frame, tunnels and chutes, jumps, panel hurdles, pause table, weave poles, see-saw, single to triple pole hurdles as well as weave poles and dog agility starter kit. You can actually start using these equipments with your dog in your own backyard or even in any spacious area in your place.

Some Agility Equipments and their Importance

A-Frame is a two-platform equipment forming an A shape. It is used to test your dog’s balancing capacity and increase his endurance.

Pause Table is a good kind of obstacle course. It may look like a simple equipment, but it will take a lot of time for dogs to master this obstacle. It is a test on how discipline a dog can be in the midst of all the excitement and fun.

Weave Poles are one of the most enjoyed obstacle course by a dog and his handler. The dog has to go on his way between the poles. This is actually to test and improve his quickness.

Panel Jump has wings both sides sold separately and the dog has to jump in the middle. Its purpose is to let your dog get used to the idea of a blind jump.

Triple Bar Hurdle is an obstacle course that can be use in indoor games. It has 3 horizontally aligned bars that a dog needs to surpass through. It is a great equipment to exercise your dog and improve your dog’s ability to jump long spans or distance.

Double Bar Hurdle has two bars that are in an adjustable span and height so it can accommodate any dog. It is also a good equipment for providing exercise and entertainment.

See Saw is an agility equipment that is hard to simulate. It is strongly suggested to dog owners who consider joining a competition. It improves the dog’s agility in general.

The above mentioned equipments and their corresponding importance would really play a vital role in developing your dog’s character and discipline. And that said traits would surely show up during the competition. Just like in human beings, teaching a dog proper character and discipline will really take a long time. So, if you are considering to join a dog agility competition, just always remember to have a lot of patience and great passion kept your heart.