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Training Your Dog At Home

 Training Your Dog At Home

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Dog Training Tips

Looking to train your puppy or dog?  Overwhelmed by your dogs aggressive behavior?  Do you want to go for a walk and not have your dog constantly pulling on the leash?  Here are three tips to train your dog to come when called, train your dog to stop barking, train your dog to sit when told, stop any aggressive behavior, stop jumping on you and your guests and stop running away when the door is opened.   And there is the one area puppy owners need to teach their puppy… potty training.

You can modify any behavior of your dog you want.

To begin with you need to win your dog’s mind. What do I mean by this? Since dogs are essentially “pack animals” you want your dog to look to you to be the leader. 

By failing to follows these guidelines you are setting yourself up for failure.   Winning the My_Everyday_Dog_Training_Tools_Cover_UPLOAD3_LRdogs mind is important to successful dog training.

The second key is you need to motivate your dog. The way to do this is learn what is important to your dog. Is your dog one who loves affections, toys and or treats?   Once your recognize what motivates your dog you are able to use this as a reward for good behavior. Rewarding your dog will cause your dog to enjoy the experience and be willing to work harder.

If your dog is one who is motivated by food remember to vary the foods. Do not always give your dog the same reward. You may also not want to always give a reward for each time.   This will make getting one more pleasurable to the dog when it gets one. And it goes without saying, don’t give your dog a reward if it does not listen.

A third key to training your dog is practice. Nothing reinforces behavior like practice. Your dog will love to practice knowing that there is a possible reward, as discussed above, waiting for him or her.

The On Line Dog Trainer will show you these and many other tips on the training of your dog in many areas. Is your problem your dog pulls on its leach, jumps on others, toilet training problems, biting, crying when left alone, does not respond to commands, digging separation anxiety, aggression toward other people or dogs or running away? The On Line Dog Trainer covers these and many other areas.