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Dog Training at Home - How to Stop Your Dog From Messing the Carpet

 Dog Training at Home - How to Stop Your Dog From Messing the Carpet

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Dog Training

One of the most daunting dog training at home tasks is probably the one where you need to establish how to avoid house breaking within your home by your dog. But with the right know-how as to the basic principles of an effective dog toilet training, it suddenly becomes an easy and straightforward task. Quit screaming and punishing your dog for it wouldn't get you anywhere. Dogs don't answer to all these noise and aggressiveness. All you'll do is end up adding to his stress and confusion, thus creating even more bad behaviors you wouldn't want to have inside your home. Always use positive reinforcements during the entire dog training at home sessions you'll be doing. Simply, follow the guided list below and you'll be able to have your dog house trained in just a few weeks.

Dog training at home tip no. 1: Give him his own place.

Better yet, give him a den. Instinctively, dogs searches for a place in the house where they could play in, feel comfortable staying and keeping still on for some time: their perfect hideaway. By providing him this space of his own, you'll instantly see how he'd keep it clean and comfy for himself. Dogs are, after all, known to be naturally clean animals so they know they shouldn't be soiling their own sleeping area, not unless they were forced to. There are some basic training that you could apply when teaching your dog to stay in his new home, and make him feel secured and comfortable there up until he's sure to stay in it for long periods of time.

Dog training at home tip no. 2: Schedule his Meals.

Puppies, as you should know, cannot hold their bladder and colon. Not until they are about 12 weeks old. So expect them to relieve themselves just about anywhere with almost no warning whatsoever. You'll be able to know if they're about to poop by monitoring their behavior and looking out for the two most obvious signs that they're almost up: sniffing and circling around. As soon as you spot these behaviors, you have to be firm and say 'outside'. Then take your dog to the garden where he can do his business and all. This is the reason why you should schedule your dogs meal. By regularly feeding your dog at its given schedule, you can let the dog out for the first 20 minutes after his last meal. As the dog grows older, he learns to resist the need to go for a few hours more. But by the practice you've been doing for him, he will know that he will have the chance to go once he is outside. As some point, the dog may even be the one to let you know that it needs to go, by barking and circling by the door in the future.

Just make sure that while teaching your dog to poop outside, designate a spot for him so that he'll know where to do his business in your yard. Take him to that spot every time you bring him out there and praise him when he uses it. That's all you need to know about dog training at home, avoiding the mess on your carpet session.