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What Are Dog Crates?

 What Are Dog Crates?

Dog Crates are Great For Training
dog crates

So, what are dog crates? Well, they are mainly used for training, many problems associated with destructive behaviour, fear of strangers, house training and more can be address with correct use of a dog crate.

It is a common misconception that using dog crates, or cages are cruel, but this is not the case. Dogs are den animals, and prefer relaxing and sleeping in a quite corner, behind a sofa etc. Wolves and wild dogs like to burrow into the ground to sleep in, and feel more safe and secure in something like a crate. You should make sure that if the crate is to be used as the bed for your dog, then to keep is somewhere warm and dry, so the dog is comfortable in the crate, and makes them want to be in there.

It is important to get the right size crate, it should be large enough to allow your dog to stretch out flat and move around without being cramped, and also be tall enough so that it doesn’t bang its head of the top.

Also,dog crates aren’t just for puppies. They can be used throughout your dogs life. They can be treat as your dogs own personal space, as would a kennel, or something similar, you will more than likely find that your dog will grow to enjoy the crate. They are also incredibly popular for travelling. If you move around a lot, then using a dog crate keeps your pet safe during transit, and ensures that they can’t interfere or distract you whilst driving.