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Pitbull Training Tips Using Principles Of Learning

 Pitbull Training Tips Using Principles Of Learning

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Pitbull Training Tips Using Principles Of Learning

Any pit bull owner is contented with the idea that their dogs provide them with so much fun. They are fiercely loyal to their owners and would protect you at all cost. Nonetheless, many pitbulls are quite dfficult to control since they are active. Reinforcement, whether positive or negative can also be used when needed.Understanding some pitbull training tips would go a long way in disciplining dogs. For example, pitbulls have to be taught how to eat properly by using some reinforcement techniques. It is but typical for other dog breeds to wag their tail endlessly once they sense that feeding time is about to happen. Conversely, pitbulls should be seated before handing them dog food. This makes feeding time much easier for both you and your pet. Actually, a dog owner can use basic principles of learning in training to train their dogs, much similar to teaching humans. If you want to make use of them effectively, check out these pitbull training tips:

1. Learning by association. This is one of the commonly applied principles integrated into pitbull training tips. If you want your dog to associate feeding time with seating, do not feed them until they are doing so.

2. Law of recency. Punishment should be on time. A pitbull lives only for the moment and does not reflect on its actions like humans. If they violate a rule, emphasize that you mean business by punishing immediately. This would likely reinforce a behavior that you expect.

3. Law of exercise. If you want to establish habits, make sure you are consistent. For example, if you don’t want your dog to sleep with you, always enforce the rule. If it makes an attempt to do so, show your disapproval immediately.

You yourself must be firm in setting all the rules since you want to set a good example to your dog. This creates a behavior pattern that can be hard to change later.

These pitbull training tips are very helpful and practical to implement .  However,there may be times that your dog would disobey you but take it easy especially if they are still puppies.  You surely want to instill respect for you rather than fear.  Also, dogs raised with kindness and compassion can be very loving to humans. The pitbull can be a very good companion to humans when properly treated.