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Train your Dog to Sit in Seven Easy Steps

 Train your Dog to Sit in Seven Easy Steps 

train your dog to sit from a distance

When you train your dog to sit, you are not just teaching him a trick, but also providing him with obedience training.  When you get your dog to sit on command, you have better control over his actions, which is great for all dogs, but especially large dogs that need to know you are boss.  The great thing about the sit command is that of all training you will provide your dog, this is the easiest to learn.

Additionally, when you train your dog to sit, you actually reinforce other commands and behaviors.  In many instances, the sit command is beneficial.  For instance, if you have a dog that becomes excited or anxious when guests come over, having him sit will help him feel more relaxed and in control of his emotions.  Regardless of the breed, size, or age of your dog, we strongly recommend you teach him the sit on command.  Typically, the process of training your dog will only take about 10 minutes, five times a day, for about one week!  In fact, you might find that you train your dog to sit much quicker, after all, dogs live to please their owners.

The following will help you teach your dog to sit in seven easy steps, much easier than you might have ever imagined.  Once he has mastered this command, other training will be received better.

1. Put a few healthy and small treats in your pocket, choosing those that have an odor to get his attention.
2. Place the leash on your dog, placing him in front of you so he can see what you are doing, keeping him in the standing position.

3. Reach into your pocket, taking one treat out, putting it in your hand.  Then, hold the treat above his nose and out of reach.  Slowly, move your hand up, which will force him to follow with his head, pushing his back end down into a sitting position.  Make sure during this process, you use a command, preferably one word such as “sit”.  Your voice should be loving but also firm.

4. If necessary, apply a slight amount of pressure on his hind end, encouraging him all the way to a complete sitting position.

5. Once the command has been completed and he is now fully sitting, provide him with verbal praise and petting, followed by the treat.

6. These steps should be repeated about five times or for five minutes during each training session.  If you go through the sit training prior to letting him outside to play, he will be even more eager to succeed.

7. Go through the above-mentioned steps five times a day until he sits every time on command.