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Train your Dog to Catch a Frisbee

 Train your Dog to Catch a Frisbee

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Spending time playing with your dog in the backyard or at the local park is fun.  Dogs in general love roughing around, fetching, and spending quality time with their owners.  One of the most fun things to do with your dog is play Frisbee.  Regardless of the size or breed of your dog, you can teach him to catch a Frisbee, spending hours playing.  Frisbee has become such a popular game with dogs that today, actual Frisbee catching sports have been created.

You will find that to train your dog to catch a Frisbee is not overly difficult, although it does require some patience and consistency, the chances are that your dog will become addicted to the game, thereby learning quickly.  Of course, a puppy or younger dog will likely learn a little faster but never think a mature dog would not be interested just because of age.  Additionally, some dogs are naturally more inclined to learn such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and other retriever type breeds.  To get you started, we have provided some great tips on how best to train your dog to catch a Frisbee.

• When you get ready for the training, we suggest that you purchase up to five Frisbees, choosing brands such as Aerobie, Hyperflite, and Hero, which are designed specifically for dogs, thus reducing risk of injury.  In addition, these types of Frisbees are difficult to destroy, making them a sturdier choice.  If you have a dog with a sensitive mouth or a smaller dog, you might consider a Frisbee made from soft fabric such as the Flippy Flopper.  Small Frisbees are also available on the market, designed specifically for tiny breeds or dogs with small mouths.

• You will then need to introduce your dog to the Frisbee so he is not afraid of it.  Allow him to smell it, touch it, and carry it around but make sure that he does not start chewing on it.  This will help him become comfortable with the Frisbee, peaking his interest in what it does.  As your dog takes the Frisbee from you, praise him.
• Next, taking hold of the Frisbee in your dog’s mouth, gently pull on it but allowing your dog to win the game of tug-of-war

• The Frisbee would then be thrown but only so it rolls along the ground, which will encourage him to chase it and pick it up

• After a few days of ground playing, begin to toss the Frisbee into the air, gradually increasing the height and distant thrown.

• Each time your dog successfully grabs the Frisbee in the air, praise him and offer a healthy treat.  Keep in mind that most dogs will find gratification just by catching the Frisbee, eager to play more and more.

To train your dog to catch a Frisbee, you also need to pay attention to any signs of nervousness or fear.  In this case, you will need to help him overcome this.  One option is to flip the Frisbee over, using it temporarily as his food dish so he can see it will do him no harm.  Additionally, if he shies away from the Frisbee, start the training process with a soft ball.  Most importantly, be patient but consistent and soon, you and your dog will have a blast together, playing Frisbee.