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Top Tips on Dog Potty Training

 Top Tips on Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

Puppies tend to be very adorable and cute. They serve as the best companions within a family. However, unfortunately, puppies and dogs might bring nightmares to families by creating messes throughout the house. Dog Potty Training is one of the most important concerns for dog owners. Dogs do not understand our language and therefore it is common for people to yell at these poor innocent beings in the beginning. Nevertheless, there are some of the most effective tips that can be used in potty training a dog in the best way possible. Make use of these tips and get easy riddance from the complexity involved in potty training a dog.

•    The items that you have for potty training your dog must be easy to clean. You can always have a post or a splash back to aim at for male dogs. It is also important to provide the dog with ample room to grow.

•    One of the cheapest and the easiest things to use for potty training a dog in the indoors is a newspaper. Paper potty training method is the most suitable for puppies as they need to stay indoors due to safety considerations.

•    Always keep in mind not to change the dog’s place until the dog is well trained. This is because dogs get used to the surface where they do potty. Therefore, they might find it difficult to potty at some other surface.

•    Always make it a point to use a natural odor and stain remover for cancelling and cleaning up the bad odor post potty training your dog indoors. These removers are easily available at various online stores, departmental stores and even at the local groceries.

•    Places where you do not want your dog to eliminate should be avoided and the dog must be trained accordingly. Besides this, you can feed them and play with them at such places. This will prevent them from eliminating at these places all over again.

•    Every family member that handles the dog must make sure to use the same potty training method used by the other members of the family. If you fail to do so, it might confuse the dogs and therefore it will take a very long time to potty train the dog.

•    Puppies should be paid more attention when they are potty trained.

•    Instead of teaching the dog not to poop indoors, teach them to poop outdoors. According to experts, it is easier to teach dogs to do something rather than teaching them not to do something.

•    You must provide a certain area in the lawn for your dog to spend time outdoors. It is necessary for you to be very consistent about where your dog poops or pees as this will help the dog in learning easily.

•    Dogs never tend to poop or pee in their sleep area and therefore you must always make it a point to keep their sleeping area tight. This way you do not give any room for the dog to eliminate around its bed.

•    Do not feed your dog before it goes to bed and also try and lessen the amount you are feeding them as this helps in avoiding eliminations at night.

These are some beneficial dog potty training tips that need to be kept in mind.