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Housebreaking Doesn’t Have To Be A Struggle!

 Housebreaking Doesn’t Have To Be A Struggle!

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Housetraining can seem like a struggle at times but this does not have to be the case. If you keep your puppy confined in a crate or small area then the desired results can be achieved much faster and more successfully. Your dog prefers a clean living and sleeping area, and your puppy wants to please you. These two factors can help you succeed in no time.

Some pet owners feel that crating is cruel, even though research has shown that the puppy prefers a small area initially. By creating a crate or small space that belongs only to your puppy you will make the animal feel more secure, and this can speed up the process significantly. As long as the animal is in the crate or small area then accidents will be avoided as much as possible. Dogs do not like to soil the area where they sleep and spend most of their time.

Take your puppy out every 2 hours in the beginning. Remove the puppy from the crate or pet area and take them outside, repeating “go potty”. Offer a lot of praise when your puppy does go to the bathroom in the designated outdoor areas. Place the puppy back in the crate or blocked area again upon returning inside. Unless the dog is playing they should stay in their space at first.

Crating or giving your dog their own space helps your puppy feel safe and secure. When the animal is not in this area constant supervision is needed. Puppies are like small toddlers, and they will get into everything. As long as you have a schedule in place that takes into consideration the age of the puppy then this training can be achieved much easier.

One helpful tip is to remove food and water before bed. Try to feed your puppy on a fixed schedule, because this helps them to go potty on a schedule as well. Offer food at the same times every day, and then take the dog out immediately after eating. Your pet will probably need to go outside when waking up from a nap as well, or when playing if the puppy gets too excited.