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Dog Training Shock Collars

 Dog Training Shock Collars

dog training shock collars with remote

Dog training shock collars are (understandably) a controversial topic. No trainer or owner who has respect for animal life wants to see dogs getting hurt or stressed. However many expert trainers believe that in responsible hands these collars can be a valuable aid to Training Your Dog. Certainly they are more kind to your pet than smacking his muzzle or pulling him off his feet when teaching him to heel (as some owners are quite comfortable doing!).

Dog training shock collars use electricity to stimulate dogs to obey basic commands as a teaching aid. The collar is fitted to the dog and the level of stimulation is controlled by remote control. Recently there have been many advances made in the manufacture of these collars.

Dog training shock collars now offer more flexibility in terms of control over how much stimulation is used. In fact these little 'shocks' are well below the levels that humans and dogs can detect. Some collars use 'noise' as a tool for teaching dogs obedience.

This means that dog training shock collars are not painful for your dog if used correctly. Your dog will feel the stimulation but won't be harmed by it. Having said this, electronic collars are still inferior to other methods of dog training such as using treats, play verbal signals, and praise. Regular collars and leashes are likewise similarly effective tools for teaching your dog obedience.

There are several different kinds of e-collars for example 'bark' collars and bark diminishers'. These collars emit electrical stimulation only when the dog barks. In some cases dog training shock collars may be programmed to send out a 'shock' only after the dog has been barking for thirty seconds.

Most dog training shock collars are controlled by the owner who makes use of a remote control device to teach his dog when to obey his commands. Often this can be done from as great a distance as 200 yards or a mile away. In the newer collars you don't need to adjust the intensity on the collar nut but can do so by remote control.

Dog training shock collars may be particularly useful for training field dogs. When your dog is far away it may not be easy to use leash control to train him so electronic collars allow you to teach your dog at a distance.

Dog training shock collars have the potential to be misused by unscrupulous owners and trainers. Using electronic collars in ways that cause your dog pain, fear, or stress can cause serious behavior problems in your dog.

If you want to make use of e-collars to train your dog, never do so without making sure you know exactly what you are doing. In the wrong hands these collars can cause your dog to act out or even bite. Seek out somebody who is experienced in the use of dog training shock collars to train you in their responsible use.

Dog training shock collars may be used in a variety of ways, not all of them responsible so make sure that whoever is teaching you is responsible and interested in the well-being of your dog. Just because a technique is effective and gets your dog to do what is told, it doesn't mean that hidden damage isn't being done to your dogs psyche or body. If used correctly they can be both one of the simplest and most humane tools to use.