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Dog Barking Control

 Dog Barking Control

dog barking control devices

Excessive Dog Barking is something that everyone finds annoying, even the owners of a dog.  It is especially frustrating and difficult for your neighbors to tolerate if you live in an area where the houses are nearby your own, or if you are in an apartment building.  There are certain times when it is normal and appropriate for a dog to bark, but a dog that constantly barks for a long time is never a reasonable situation.  It is possible to rid a dog of an incessant barking habit and it is simply a matter of correct training that your dog can be trained not to bark.

The first thing to do is to try to find out why your dog is barking so much.  There is usually a reason, however vague it may be to you.  It is very unlikely that you will make any progress without discovering why exactly it is that your dog continues to bark.  Is it due to aggression?  Is it because of fear or boredom?  Some dogs, if they are not getting adequate exercise and proper walks during the day, they can bark from mere pent up energy.

Many dogs, who are leashed or chained up outside will bark at almost anything that moves, simply because it is beyond their reach and they are confined to a certain space all day.  Make sure that your indoor dog has access to a water bowl or toys.  Sometimes getting another dog can be the answer.  Dogs bark often out of sheer boredom, and if you have another dog keeping company while you are away from home, they will have each other for companionship.  Another possibility is to hire a dog sitter to come in during the day to walk the dog and keep it company for a short while.

Quieting a barking dog is not such a simple fix.  It requires a lot of patience, since dogs naturally enjoy barking and getting your dog not to bark can be a slow and gradual process, so be prepared.

There are private dog trainers who will come to your home and work with your dog and many of them specialize in teaching a dog not to bark when it is not called for.  You can also get books or a dvd on how to get a dog to stop barking but it can be tricky to do it on your own.  This is one of the reasons why many dog owners are turning to BarkOff. This is a small tool/device which is used to emit high-frequency sound waves designed to teach your dog not to bark by interrupting their barking habits and patterns in real-time situations.  It can be a cost effective and inexpensive solution to a real problem that begin to break your dog of this annoying habit.