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Shock Collar Benefits

 Shock Collar Benefits

Dog Shock Collar Benefits

Shock Collar Benefits

A shock collar is a device that is used to train dogs to respond to particular commands and to minimize or remove unwanted behavior. This is done by administering a shock to the dog when he is non-compliant with a command or if unwanted behavior occurs. There are now varieties of collars, commonly called e-collars, that have features such as tones and vibration that can be used alone or with the shock to train dogs. There are a few benefits with using a shock or e-collar in training.

Unwanted Behavior Occurs out of the Trainer’s Reach

The collar is a useful training aid when the unwanted behavior takes place away from the trainer or owner. A dog owner will readily know what they want to correct, but some of the common problems are car chasing, leaving the boundaries you have set, digging up gardens, ripping hanging laundry, chasing other dogs, and the list goes on.

Any of these behaviors that happen when you are not within reach can be corrected by a shock collar. There are many persons that are concerned about using a shock collar to correct behavior. This is where an e-collar becomes useful as it combines uncomfortable, but non-painful, stimulation for the dog.

You can choose to use a progressive set of warnings to the dog before it actually receives a shock by first sounding a beep or a series of beeps and then moving on to vibration. If there is no compliance, you can then administer the shock. The dog will learn that if the behavior does not stop, there will be a consequence.

The Dog Finds the Unwanted Behavior Rewarding

Just like with humans, dogs engage in several behaviors because it is fun for them. Humans consider these behaviors wrong, but to the dog there is a lot of satisfaction in behaving in a particular manner.

For instance, the age-old scenario of a dog chasing a cat is fun for the dog, as is loud and incessant barking, trying to access the kitchen counter in search of a treat, and digging up the front lawn. These and many other similar behaviors provide fun for the dog and they will keep doing them because they receive a sense of satisfaction for doing so.

Enter the shock collar. If the dog receives a warning or shock when he engages in these activities, pretty soon the activities become less attractive over time and their occurrence will diminish significantly or stop altogether.

Can Teach Defense Behaviors

We have been focused on the behaviors that have been problematic for the owners, but a collar can also be used to train dogs to keep themselves safe. Dogs are curious animals and sometimes their instincts might not kick in fast enough to warn them of potential danger.

Collars have been used to help dogs to recognize dangers from sources such as snakes, as one example. The owner will know what potential dangers are in the dog’s proximity and will be able to use a collar to reinforce that the dog should stay away from these situations.