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Alpha Dog Training

 Alpha Dog Training

Dog Training

In the wild, it is common for animals to have a leader. In dogs, it is sometimes called as an alpha dog. Do you want to know about alpha dog training? Feel free to check the resources below. 

Establishing The Leader Of The Pack With Alpha Dog Training

You’ve likely heard of alpha dog training but are somewhat unfamiliar and confused as to exactly what it is. An alpha dog is the leader of the pack. They serve to protect, shelter, feed and dictate the behavior and reaction of the rest of the pack. You always read how the behavior of parents will impact and influence the behavior of their children. The same type of scenario applies to an alpha and their pack of followers.

You know by now that there are many different types of dog training. Alpha training pretty much establishes you, the dog owner, as master. In order to prevent your dog from being spoiled or overly needy, you must establish that you come first in your household. You are the first to eat, the first with rights to that comfortable chair, the first to enter and leave a room without your dog running ahead of you, crying for your attention.

Alpha dog training revolves around several basic but key principles.

1.You must eat first and then feed your dog afterwards. Ignore any begging from your dog. Your dog will learn that the sooner you are finished with your food, the sooner they will be fed.

2.Be sure to go in and out the doors of your home first with your dog trailing behind you, not in front of you. Ensuring that your dog follows you is the most basic fundamental of training.

3.You get comfortable in bed or on the couch first before extending the accommodations to your dog. Regardless of your dog’s size, they should never have a sense that they’ve overpowered you for a resting spot. Remember that alpha dog training revolves primarily around establishing yourself as leader.

Rest assured that it’s never too late in the game. You can still identify yourself as alpha even if your dog is already running the game. Avoid the temptation to run to your dog attentively every time they cry or whimper. Make them sit for a minute before opening the door outside. Make your overly excited dog lay at your feet before feeding them. In fact, feeding time is a good time to establish behavior guidelines. Don’t feed your dog until they sit, beg, lie down quietly or potty. They will eventually identify their obedience with your reward. Making your dog work for everything that they want will position you as head of the pack.

AVOID any antiquated training methods that involve physically forcing your dog on their back in a state of submission to your dominance. This is often referred to as rolling. While dogs use this method to establish themselves as the leader within a dog pack, it doesn’t work well with humans and dogs. First, it’s a somewhat cruel attempt of forcing fear into your dog, which is never a good means of training. Second, you are putting yourself at risk from a frightened dog doing whatever they can to protect themselves, including biting at your face. Stick to the basic training method of YOU FIRST for the best results.