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Dog Obedience Training

 Dog Obedience Training

Dog Training

Have you ever walked into someone’s home only to have a big dog jump up on you or stare you down with the threat of biting?  Most people have, making the situation uncomfortable, but also potentially dangerous.  As a dog owner, you and your family will benefit tremendously by making sure you have provided your dog with proper obedience training.

Unfortunately, many dog owners do not understand the level of importance when it comes to obedience training.  Just imagine having a well-behaved dog, one that does not steal food from the table, play with toilet paper, bark at his own shadow, dig holes in the backyard, jump up on people, or destroy the home.  These problems are common and for a peaceful life, need to be corrected.

Never overlook the multiple benefits that dog obedience training provides.  The truth is that most dogs need some degree of training.  For many, it simply involves potty training but for others, the problem is much more complex.  Dogs by nature have few manners and rather than feel frustrated or angry, you can do something about it.  The key however with any behavioral training is to do it with love but also firmness.  In other words, proper obedience training should never involve sending the dog to a dark basement, rubbing his nose in urine, or hitting him with the hand.

For the best results, obedience training should use positive reinforcement, which will help you achieve your goals quicker and more effectively.  With dogs, training is about getting into his mind and showing him the right behaviors.  By taking time and using the right approach with training, he will act in an acceptable way.  Keep in mind that obedience training has nothing to do with teaching him to perform tricks but rather, how to act appropriately.  With time, patience, and the proper techniques, you will find your dog responding quite well!

Today, millions of people own one or more dogs, creating a home of love, fun, and lots of entertainment.  Having a well-behaved dog will make all the difference in the world as to how much you enjoy and trust your pet.  True, dogs can be stubborn and most have their own attitudes, but when these attitudes involve bad behavior or are destructive, obedience training will help.

With proper training, the fear of your dog biting, waking neighbors with constant barking, or using the living room carpet as a toilet can be eliminated.  The first step is to understand the importance of this training, followed by identifying the area or areas in which he needs help, and then using the appropriate measures for correction.  Remember, dog obedience training is not harmful or mean, but a healthy means of control so you have a positive relationship with the dog.