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Ultimate Dog Training Tips for All Dog Lovers

 Ultimate Dog Training Tips for All Dog Lovers

dog training tips for puppies

If you are a dog lover and just got a new pet at home, you must be interested in some great dog training tips. The very first step towards getting dog training tips is to know where to start. You must know the requirements of your dog and how you can fulfill it. Some people think that dogs are much smarter and learn everything themselves. In fact, this is not true as your dog learns only what you teach him and repeats the same to learn it. No matter how much intelligent your dog breed it, it is still an animal with basic animal instincts. So, you need to follow some good dog training tips in order to train your pet.

Basic dog training tipsIf you have brought a new furry friend at home, you must know about different training types and some important steps to follow. Following these dog training tips will surely make the training session easy.

Crate Training: Crate is a home for your dog and you should make him feel like this only. Never use a crate for punishment and try to spend as much with him while he is in his crate. This will make him get used to it. Moreover, it will solve many other problems like anxiety, excessive barking and house breaking.

Obedience Training: Obedience is one of the most important things told by all dog training tips. Dog obedience training helps you gain command over your puppy and give them commands to follow. Be it a new pup or the old dog, this training is extremely useful for the owners to maintain an alpha leadership position in the house and act as a master.

Leash Training: One of the other important dog training tips is the use of leash training. This will help control him and bring into a calm state. Leash training controls the unnecessary excited behavior of your dog and help respond to your commands. If your dog pulls the leash, make him sit by pulling the leash and realize that pulling is associated with the command of stop walking.

Act as a leader: A dog tends to be the leader of the pack and dominate everyone else. Acting as an alpha leader of the home by the dog owner is among other important dog training tips. Always remember that dog training a difficult phase for you and not for your dog. So, you need to behave and position yourself as the alpha leader of the pack & control the situation. You should behave in such a way that your furry friend needs not worry about his protection.

ConsistencyBesides above mentioned dog training tips and techniques, an important factor that cannot be ignored is the consistency. If you will train your pup or dog only when you have time, it will confuse him and consequently he will stop following your commands. So, the best idea is to make a schedule and follow it until he does not learn it all. You might feel it difficult, but it will definitely pay back.